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October 4-10 2017 $2295**/$1895*PLUS AIRFARE
*dates are slightly different than in the print brochure
**1:2 staff ratio
*1:4 staff ratio, more independent traveler

By request, this year we池e going to spend our Hawaiian vacation exploring the lovely island of Oahu! There痴 MUCH to see and do, and our shorter visits have always left us wanting more. This trip is designed for the vacationer who wants lots of activities as well as a taste of the most populated island in this tropical state.

We値l be staying in a condo/hotel right in the heart of Waikiki, so we値l be right in the middle of it all. Planned activities include a day at the famous Polynesian Culture Center, and a catamaran supper cruise, always great fun! At the PCC we値l have a festive luau, followed by an amazing night show featuring incredible music, drums, and fire juggling.

We値l be using some of the local trolleys to get around, plus we値l walk a short distance to Waikiki beach where we値l soak up a little sun and really enjoy the warm tropical water.

Additional planned tours include Pearl Harbor, and an interesting tour of historical Honolulu and Chinatown.

Cancellation insurance is available from Lucky Mindy Adventures AND IS REQUIRED FOR THIS TRIP. This will PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT. For an example, insurance on $2500 worth of travel will cost $139 if you're between 35-60 years old. Other information: at the 1:2 ratio, one staff is shared between each two clients, to assist with daily activities, wheelchair pushing, street safety, medication administration, etc. Vacationers needing 1:1 care, specialized medical care, or awake overnight staff may bring a personal care attendant at 65% of the cost of the trip, plus airfare. More independent vacationers are guaranteed a 1:4 or 1:3 staffing ratio. 320 593 9561