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August 8-14, 2018 $
2695**/$2295* plus airfare
**1:2 staff ratio
*1:4 staff ratio, more independent traveler


After arriving in Anchorage, we値l set about to explore the area thoroughly, by bus, trolley, and on foot. Planned activities include a city tour, and we値l visit some of the iconic local museums.

Then we値l drive to Denali Park, where we値l stay for two nights. From here, we値l have a guided excursion during which we値l definitely see the wildlife for which Alaska is famous! Be prepared to be surprised when you see the sun is still shining long after we致e gone to bed!

Alaska is widely considered to be one of the most beautiful states in the country, and you won稚 be disappointed at this opportunity to visit it up close!

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