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May 1-5, 2018 $1895**/$1595* PLUS AIRFARE
**1:2 staff ratio or wheelchair user
*1:4 ratio, more independent traveler

Do you have the feeling there's more to Orlando than Disneyworld and Universal Studios? This tour visits  concentrates on some pretty amazing alternatives: Sea World, and Discovery Cove. One day, you'll tour Sea World, where you'll see Sea Lion's cavort, pet the stingrays and feed the'll walk through tubes of water, surrounded by (and safe from) hundreds of sharks! At Sea World you’ll also watch cats and dogs perform in one of the most amazing displays of animal intelligence ever! You’ll be in awe at “Horizons,” a show featuring acrobats, dolphins, and tropical birds! But the highlight of this day will probably be Shamu---the huge  killer whale and his friends will perform a variety of natural and trained behaviors before an appreciative crowd!The next day gets even better! You'll actually get to SWIM with dolphins, at Discovery Cove IF YOU WANT TO (you'll need to be comfortable in the water for this one, but the creatures are amazingly gentle and friendly, and you will have a life-jacket on so you don’t need to be a swimmer). Early registration is necessary for this tour so we can be sure we'll be able to book our spot in the dolphin pools. But there's much, much more at Discovery Cove: You can snorkel through a coral reef, float in blue lagoons, play in waterfalls and relax on sugar-white beaches here...We'll spend another day at Sea World, to see what we missed the first time, OR we will go see the ocean at Coco Beach.

Included: All activities, lodging, ground transportation, staff assistance at the appropriate level, and three meals daily. NOT INCLUDED: Airfare (we'll book the best fare possible, non-stop if available. Staff will be on the flight from Minneapolis), personal spending money, personal care products and equipment.

Trip cancellation is available through our office and is highly recommended; call for a quote.

For more information: Call toll-free, 1-877-291-1053, or 320 593 9561