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November 6-12, 2018 $2295**/$1995*PLUS AIRFARE
**1:2 staff ratio
*1:4 staff ratio, more independent traveler

By request, this year we池e going to spend our Hawaiian vacation exploring the lovely and diverse island of MAUI.

If you致e enjoyed the hustle and bustle of Waikiki, on the main island of Oahu, you値l enjoy the more relaxed atmosphere of Maui as well. We値l still enjoy a little hustle and bustle, but in a more laid-back environment.

For starters, we値l rent a condominium just across the street from the Pacific Ocean. Imagine walking down to the beach to test the warm water, or dig your toes into the white sand! In addition to Ocean time, we値l explore the little whaling town of Lahaina, and enjoy a wonderful stage show called ULA LENA, which features music and dance and special effects as it tells the history of the island.

We値l take a sea cruise to look for dolphins and whales, and the likelihood of seeing whales is very good in November. And as part of our wildlife exploration, we値l visit the fun aquarium, Maui Ocean Center. We may drive into the uplands to see huge fields of lavender and enjoy the most magnificent view of the rest of the island as we reach the lavender farm. Our vacationers enjoyed this very much last time.

As always, there will be plenty of opportunity to shop and explore.

Meal plan: Three meals daily are included. As we値l have our own well-equipped kitchen in Maui, we plan to eat many meals, including most breakfasts, on our own veranda overlooking the ocean. Lunch will be in local restaurants or picnics, suppers will be at home or in restaurants, depending on our daily activities. One night will be a big luau buffet.

Cancellation insurance is available from Lucky Mindy Adventures AND IS REQUIRED FOR THIS TRIP. This will PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT. Vacationers needing 1:1 care, specialized medical care, or awake overnight staff may bring a personal care attendant at 65% of the cost of the trip, plus airfare. More independent vacationers are guaranteed a 1:4 or 1:3 staffing ratio.