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October 28-November 3, 2018

$2695 plus airfare for 1:4 staff ratio

(Please note, this tour is not available to those with mobility limitations. Eastern Europe is not accessible by Western standards. Vacationer must be comfortable climbing stairs and using escalators)


Our tour begins when we land at Rome痴 airport and head to our lodging. The next few days will be filled with a variety of activities including a hop on, hop off tour of the City. We値l choose our tours according to interest: The Roman Forum with its amazing ruins, is high on the list, and the famous Coliseum is absolutely a must-see!

Of course we won稚 miss a stop at Vatican City, where we値l tour St. Peter痴 Basilica. This is so very impressive!

We値l take a day trip on the fastest train you値l ever ride on: a bullet train, to Naples. From there we値l take a smaller train to visit the ancient town of Pompeii OR nearby Herculaneum, both of which were buried two thousand years ago when Vesuvius erupted.

We値l enjoy the culinary aspects of Italy during this tour, enjoying pasta and pizza in the heart of Rome.

Included: Staff assistance at a 1:4 level to help with street safety, meds, and money management.

Not included: Airfare, personal spending money.

TRIP CANCELLATION and medical INSURANCE is required and will be purchased by LMA for you from Travelguard.

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